Weekend Finds (and Happy Valentines Day!)

This is what I woke up to - What a great guy! :)

First off, Happy Valentines Day! I was woken up this morning with flowers and a frog stuffed animal (I have a great love for frogs!). It was the perfect way to start off my day, I have to hand it to him, my fiance is pretty awesome!

This weekend I found a few things for the house. Here they are:

I think that there was originally a third milk jar, but I love just having these two!

I also went to the fabric store to try and find some fabric to cover the chair that I am reupholstering. I instantly fell in love with this amazing pattern and think that it will be the perfect pop to my otherwise white/gray/black living room theme.

This is just a sneak peek!


And, just as a small update, here is the progress on the chair so far (it looks a bit scary at this point!!

Removing Staples is harder than I thought!

It is coming along slowly - and hopefully surely!


I hope you all have a great day! More on the chair soon. :)

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