Pet update.

This summer has been much different than last summer. Last summer around this time we were busy preparing for our wedding, and for all of our guests that were coming. It was a crazy wonderful summer, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Our house was full of family and friends and we spent our  free time laughing and talking, and enjoying each others company.

This summer has been so completely different. We have been keeping busy, but focusing more on being at home and enjoying the weather and playing with our pups. It is hard to believe that we didn’t have them this time last year!

jack and barney

One thing Fergal and I have wondered is how our animals will react when we have kids (someday, down the road, not any time soon…) and we were thrilled to see how wonderful Barney (and to an extent Cassie) were with our friends baby, Jack. They stopped by over the weekend and let Jack get down to play with Barney and both Barney and Jack were having a blast. Barney was licking Jack like crazy and Jack was giggling and having a ball. Barney even let Jack pull his fur and didn’t react at all. He just sat there and let Jack do his thing. It makes me think that Barney might have been around kids in his previous life before he was taken in by a shelter.

Cassie, ever our shy dog, surprised us by actually coming into the room to watch Jack and Barney. Usually when we have company, and even to an extent when we don’t, she prefers to be by herself. But she was so curious to see what was going on that she came and sat behind me on the couch and peaked her head out to watch. We brought Jack over to her and she let him touch her and was calm. I was so impressed!

PS. A big shout out to my Dad… Happy Birthday, Love you!


  1. Thank you Lindsey. Still a child in Disney years….:-)

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