A quick improvement: Painting the Trim

This weekend Fergal and I didn’t have any plans to do stuff around the house. The amazing weather (yes I love the hot and humid weather!!) that we have been having calls more for being lazy, doing outdoor things like taking canoe rides (which we also did last weekend), and just relaxing.


Sunday morning after going for a quick jog, we pulled back into the driveway and both of us looked at the house and knew it was time to change something. Painting our house has been one of our priorities for a while, but we keep finding other things that are more important to spend money on and this line item gets pushed down further on the list.



We discussed it and decided that a good “for now” fix would be to paint the trim. The trim was one of the worst parts of the front of the house, so we thought that fixing at least things would look a little better.

We decided on paint colors a while ago. For the trim we chose “honeysuckle bloom” by Valsper paint. It isn’t a true white, but it is much more pure than the dingy off white trim that the house had originally.

The first part of our job was to scrape the paint off of the trim. A lot of the paint was peeling and uneven, so this part took a while (some places were worse than others). We knew that this was a big job, so we decided to scrape, wash, and paint the front side of the house and then next weekend/ a weekend coming up that we would paint the rest of the trim.



(As a side note, we aren’t sure why the top of the dormers were painted the color of the trim, instead of the house color, but we do intend to paint them then same color as the house when we actually do paint the house.)

It is amazing what a coat of paint can do! Almost instantly the house started looking better. The actual house paint is still in need of repair, but the new crisp white trim takes away from this. I am so happy with how this came out and can’t wait until we are able to paint the whole house!


  1. IT looks brilliant Lindsey good job well done to both of you

  2. Well done….makes a big difference.

  3. wow, it looks amazing!
    such a cute abode

    xo The Egg

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