My Bachelorette Party

As I mentioned earlier this week, my bachelorette party was last Saturday. I was honestly surprised for this one, and was lying on the couch reading a book when my MOH and one of my bridesmaids came in to our house.

They told me I had 5 minutes to get my stuff together, so I scrambled up the stairs, grabbed 3 dresses, forgot to pack the necessities like a tooth brush and PJs, and happily allowed myself to be taken away for the night.

We arrived at the Boston Park Plaza, and I was escorted into a beautiful suite where the rest of the bachelorette party was waiting. They had decorated the room, prepared an amazing feast, had great music playing, and there were tons of fun goodies.

My MOH gave everyone disposable cameras, and I am really excited to see how they came out. One of my bridesmaids Emily (of the Sugar Lump) took a few pictures on her digital camera and shot them over to me to share with you all… Thanks Emily!


The pink and green decorations were so pretty!

The table was full of great food and Irish decorations (in honor of the fiancé)

My minnie mouse wedding ears… aren’t they cute? (we are spending our honeymoon in Orlando Florida, so a Disney theme was fitting).

Goofing around…

Everyone having a good time before hitting the club Royal – Thanks girls!

Anndd, then we crashed after a fun night!

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