Bathroom Shelves

Although we are trying to do up the house slowly (so that we can do it just the way we want it), there are certain things that are too inconvenient to wait for. It wasn’t in our budget to get a great shelf for the bathroom, but we did find a great temporary option on sale at Target for about $10. The clutter around the sink is gone, and it was very easy to put up. Overall it is a great quick fix, and will hopefully do us for a few years until we find exactly what we want (and can afford to make or get it!). I am really pleased with how this bathroom turned out, and now am starting to think about the downstairs bathroom that we have left alone for the most part (besides two really good scrub downs to make it useable).

One thing that WILL have to happen (this week I think) for both bathrooms are some sort of window coverings. After reading a post from Young House Love, I think that we have decided to go with frosting the windows. Right now, should anyone be hanging out in our backyard, and decide to look at the house, they can see right into both bathrooms…. eek. So, this needs to be taken care of ASAP before we have any company over and invite them to hang out outside… Yes, I think that we will do this over the weekend. Which means the window trim on the window downstairs with have to be painted first, which means I might be painting a bathroom this weekend…. oh the circle of home improvement.  :)


Anyway, back to the topic at hand, here are are the before and after pictures of the bathrooms upstairs with the added shelf:


This is the messy before (I was too embarrassed to show you the as is picture, so this is the slightly-cleaner-than-reality picture):


Here is the organized after:

I took this photo using Instagram (my new obsession.)



  1. You could also check out home depot or Lowes for indoor window shutters. Less permanent. :-)

  2. Note: “On April 12, 2012, Facebook acquired the company (and its 13 employees)[1] for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock, with plans to keep it independently managed.[4]“

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