1 Year

It is hard for me to believe that it has been a year since our wedding. On Sunday, Fergal and I kept reminiscing about our wedding. It really was a wonderful day full of family, love, fun, and laughter. We are so blessed to have those memories.


This is us one year ago! It is so much fun to go through all of the wedding pictures!




To celebrate we went to the place that Fergal proposed to me. We started going to the Boston Commons when we first were dating. It became sort of a tradition for us.



It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the day, watch the swan boats, and eat our picnic.


The best part of the day? We got a skype call from Ireland and we got to see our nephew, Gene, for the first time. Here he is with his brother and sister. :)

Baby Chair Project

These two people I know and who I may or may not be related to (No specifics here because they don’t seem to be talking baby on Facebook and I don’t want to cause any trouble) are expecting their first baby in a few months and they asked me to help them reupholster one of those cool, comfy baby rockers/glider chair.

naked chair

So, I happily stripped down the chair and started upholstering it with the cutest striped fabric that the mother-to-be and I picked out. This has been the hardest job I have undertaken yet, there is a lot of cutting and sewing and molding fabric in just the right way.

progress pic

Here is the progress picture. I love how the fabric looks on this chair, and can’t wait to get the whole thing done. Luckily I have a while until the baby is born, so there is no risk of having to rush it.

What have you been up to lately?

Pet update.

This summer has been much different than last summer. Last summer around this time we were busy preparing for our wedding, and for all of our guests that were coming. It was a crazy wonderful summer, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Our house was full of family and friends and we spent our  free time laughing and talking, and enjoying each others company.

This summer has been so completely different. We have been keeping busy, but focusing more on being at home and enjoying the weather and playing with our pups. It is hard to believe that we didn’t have them this time last year!

jack and barney

One thing Fergal and I have wondered is how our animals will react when we have kids (someday, down the road, not any time soon…) and we were thrilled to see how wonderful Barney (and to an extent Cassie) were with our friends baby, Jack. They stopped by over the weekend and let Jack get down to play with Barney and both Barney and Jack were having a blast. Barney was licking Jack like crazy and Jack was giggling and having a ball. Barney even let Jack pull his fur and didn’t react at all. He just sat there and let Jack do his thing. It makes me think that Barney might have been around kids in his previous life before he was taken in by a shelter.

Cassie, ever our shy dog, surprised us by actually coming into the room to watch Jack and Barney. Usually when we have company, and even to an extent when we don’t, she prefers to be by herself. But she was so curious to see what was going on that she came and sat behind me on the couch and peaked her head out to watch. We brought Jack over to her and she let him touch her and was calm. I was so impressed!

PS. A big shout out to my Dad… Happy Birthday, Love you!

Blogging Vacation (yes, I am alive!)


Hello! Sorry I have been MIA for the past while (2 weeks?!). I took an unplanned vacation from blogging, house work, crafting, and pretty much everything except for my day job, reading, writing, and watching Covert Affairs. Yep, pretty exciting stuff. Not really blog worthy material. The picture above is from the 4th of July… It doesn’t really have anything to do with anything.

I did go to a concert at Fenway and saw Jake Owen, Miranda Lambert, and Jason Aldean preform. That was pretty epic to say the least. Jake Owen and Miranda Lambert tied for best performance in my opinion. I still can’t get over how many amazing songs Miranda has put out – her voice is so versatile that it is sometimes surprising when I learn she sings a song.

Were any of you following the story about the new Prince George and his parents?  I have to admit I was following the whole ordeal pretty closely. Didn’t they look adorable?! I thought it was so generous of them to share a bit of their happiness with the world, it must have been quite difficult for them to share their new little bundle of joy so quickly (I know that it comes with the spotlight… but seriously, it must be frightening to walk your newborn out onto a street with thousands of people cheering and looking on). And of course I was in love with Kate’s dress. I had to go search the internet for non-maternity polka dot blue dresses. I may or may not have found and bought one online.

I have to admit having a vacation from everything was kind of nice. It was nice to relax at night and let various stories take me to new and different places. I am starting to get the crafting itch again, and have some projects with looming deadlines so expect to see some things in the works.

I promise to post more often now. Maybe not quite as often as usual, after all it IS the summer.

A quick improvement: Painting the Trim

This weekend Fergal and I didn’t have any plans to do stuff around the house. The amazing weather (yes I love the hot and humid weather!!) that we have been having calls more for being lazy, doing outdoor things like taking canoe rides (which we also did last weekend), and just relaxing.


Sunday morning after going for a quick jog, we pulled back into the driveway and both of us looked at the house and knew it was time to change something. Painting our house has been one of our priorities for a while, but we keep finding other things that are more important to spend money on and this line item gets pushed down further on the list.



We discussed it and decided that a good “for now” fix would be to paint the trim. The trim was one of the worst parts of the front of the house, so we thought that fixing at least things would look a little better.

We decided on paint colors a while ago. For the trim we chose “honeysuckle bloom” by Valsper paint. It isn’t a true white, but it is much more pure than the dingy off white trim that the house had originally.

The first part of our job was to scrape the paint off of the trim. A lot of the paint was peeling and uneven, so this part took a while (some places were worse than others). We knew that this was a big job, so we decided to scrape, wash, and paint the front side of the house and then next weekend/ a weekend coming up that we would paint the rest of the trim.



(As a side note, we aren’t sure why the top of the dormers were painted the color of the trim, instead of the house color, but we do intend to paint them then same color as the house when we actually do paint the house.)

It is amazing what a coat of paint can do! Almost instantly the house started looking better. The actual house paint is still in need of repair, but the new crisp white trim takes away from this. I am so happy with how this came out and can’t wait until we are able to paint the whole house!

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